Organizational resources

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Internal organizations
CSC has three R&D Departments:, Iron and Steel R&D Dept., New Materials R&D Dept., and Green Energy & System Integration R&D Dept., which subordinate to Technology Division and execute major researches. In support of R&D, Intellectual Property & Testing Technology Dept. provides technical information, intellectual property management, technology incubation and promotion, non-destructive testing, chemical testing and analysis, and Metallurgical Department provides products on-site trial-produce, quality control and technical services etc. Currently CSC has about 380 researchers, of which 40% are Ph.D. For extending the depth and scope of R&D and expediting innovation, CSC will continuously recruit more R&D talents and subsequently raise the percentage of Ph.D. to over 50%.
Open innovation
“Corporate resources are limited
but social resources are infinite.”
CSC implemented the strategy of “open innovation”. By establishing “Engineering Research Center”, “Joint Research Laboratory” and organizing “Major league of industry and academia” CSC made good use of various external resources. Collaborated with industry, academia
and research organizations in Taiwan, CSC successfully extended research capabilities and resources,
expanded R&D horizons, expediting R&D efficiency,
rooted deeply the basic and application researches
as well as upgraded industry technologies and
high value products.
Engineering Research Center, ERC

CSC upheld open innovative idea, hence entrusted numerous researches to academia and R & D sectors. In recent years, in order to extend the depth and scope of R&D projects, the outsourcing researches were gradually transformed from previous individual professor to team cooperation of universities and professors. With the integrated clustering professional capabilities the researches will be executed more systematically and achievements will be accomplished multiply. Hence, CSC collaborated with academic and R & D sectors to establish "Engineering Research Center (ERC)" and introduced external research capabilities. Recently, CSC has established eight research centers, i.e. "Electric Motor Technology", "Physical Properties and Microstructure of Metals", "Steel Structures", "Advanced Steel Microstructure Control", “Value-added Heightening of Metal Industry” , "Advanced Hand Tools", “Advanced Special Alloys” ,and “Forging and Roll Forming”, in National Cheng Kung University, National Sun Yat-sen University, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, National Taiwan University, Metal Industries Research and Development Centre, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, National Tsing Hua University, and National Kaohsiung University of Application Science and Technology respectively. In addition, "Automobile Forming", "Smelting" and "Rolling", three more research centers will be planned to set up successively in the near future in National Taiwan University, National Cheng Kung University and National Chung Cheng University.

Joint Research Laboratory, JRL
For providing customers with differentiated technical services by establishing “Joint Research Laboratory“ with customers collaboratively, CSC went deep into customer site to help solve practical problems of materials usage, improved the fitness between CSC’s products and customers’ manufacturing process and increased the opportunity of products supply. Besides “Compressor JRL” with RECHI and Industrial Technology Research Institute and “Motors JRL” with TECO, CSC established currently three more automobile JRLs with local HAITEC as well as Chery and JAC motors in mainland respectively in automobile industry. CSC looks forward to transform traditional after-sales services to before-sales by means of providing technical services to customers and thus becomes close strategic partner of automobiles manufacturers through partaking beforehand.

Major league of industry and academia
For the purpose of strengthening the technical innovative capability of local steel-using industry, and enhancing the overall international competitive advantages of Taiwan, in 2013 CSC collaborated with Chen Kung University to apply for subsidies of an Industry-University Cooperation Project, “The Advanced Technologies for Next-generation Steel and Its Green Processes as well as Innovative Applications in Steel Products”, which had been approved by Ministry of Economic Affairs and Ministry of Science and Technology. This project can provide assistance to local steel-using industries to grasp the opportunities of innovative development, develop the needed next-generation steel, green processes as well as advanced steel-using technologies, subsequently enhance the overall competitiveness of upstream and downstream industry. 15 subject programs proposed by CSC leads the academia to plan 24 sub-projects, which will achieve the goal of developing the products and application technologies of next-generation steel.