Fair Trade


As the crude steel production in Taiwan is lower than demand, a considerable amount of semi-finished and finished steel products is imported every year. After import tariff was reduced to zero in 2004, market competition became fierce, and monopolization no longer exists. In compliance with Taiwan Fair Trade Act, CSC and affiliates do not engage in price fixing. In addition, CSC offers consistent pricing to affiliates as to other customers in accordance with accounting regulations. Overseas subsidiaries and trading partners are treated fairly and equally in terms of commission and service charges, and all transactions with related parties are subject to accounting audits.

Upgrading Steel-using Industries

To enhance the competitiveness of steel-using industries, CSC works closely with strategic partners of R&D alliances and industrial upgrade projects launched through these alliances. The approach is increasing the value of downstream steel products through R&D, innovation collaboration, strategic investments, channel establishment, and brand development. In partnership with the government, CSC launched 13 projects through 16 R&D alliances with 66 companies during 2006~2014. In addition, CSC initiated a 5-year Industry and Academia Alliance Plan in 2013 to introduce R&D energy of academy to the needs of industries. From 2008 till 2016 eight Engineering Research Centers and 5 Joint Research Laboratories were established. Furthermore, from 2013 CSC worked together with Corporate Synergy Development Center to promote Alliances for Steel-using Industries to optimize industry chain, supply chain and value chain. In view of the rapid change of industrial environment CSC start again the second stage of industry upgrading in 2107. Major tasks are described as follows.

Second Stage of Industry Upgrading

The industry upgrading started from 2006 is defined as the first stage. It facilitated the necessary technologies for the development of high value industry over ten years of hard work, which not only developed numerous peak steels of high grade that replaced many expensive steel hard to be imported, but also brought about new added value by linking innovative application technology and supply chain. In response to the changing situation the promotion of second stage industry upgrading should be advanced to the opening up of product path. Considering from the aspect of the influence of new technology on the entire industry, CSC follows four strategies, i.e. (1) Deep plowing of basic technology (2) Opening up of product path (3) Establishing industry cloud (4) Facilitating Industry 4.0 to unfold multistage and multilevel customer visit and exchange discussion. According to the current status of each industry, CSC links the previous established multiple platform to set out the development goals and work projects with the anticipation that the effort will infuse new energy, induce the invisible champion for individual industry, let local industry see the opportunity of transformation by implementing industry cloud and Industry 4.0, find the future direction of development, enable the ecosystems of local steel-using industry to possess an indispensable role in global supply chain and make CSC the ”Number One and Only One” strategic partner in market.