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The goal of all CSC employees is to supply high quality steel products together with excellent technological service. CSC produces a complete line of all grades and types of steel. It provides sales services with a sense of responsibility and feeling of accomplishment. It makes a reliable partner in all businesses.

It accepts requests for engineering and technical services, hoping to back up the entire local industry with its long accumulated technology momentum.

Sales Service

Sales representatives and technicians usually visit CSC's customers to provide pre-sale and after-sale services. Periodical reunion meetings are held for members of the steel society to exchange opinions and information in regard to the domestic and/or international steel industry. Rapid and convenient orderings of steel products can be placed through e-commerce services.

If you need technological service or consultation of the selection of materials, you can reach us at:

Engineering Service

After more than 40 years expansion, in 4 stages, CSC has reached the annual capacity of 10 million tons of crude steel. To keep competitiveness on product quality and product mix in world market, CSC continuously keeps adding or revamping its equipment, and as a result, CSC has accumulated vast experiences and expertise on engineering, construction, and operation. The completion of Dragon Steel expansion project in charged by CSC is a full proof of CSC’S capability.

After the completion of Dragon Steel’s expansion project, the total crude steel will reach 20 million tons annually. We are willing to share and contribute our accumulated engineering expertise and experience to those who need them.

Since CSC not only produces and supplies steel products but also offers its related engineering and technical service, including the railway business,
we believe that our services will satisfy the needs of
various enterprises.

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